Golden Hop Farm hop growing kits include all the hardware you need to build a trellis for five hop plants and allow you to raise and lower your bines for hop accessibility and harvesting on a pulley system.  We've included the best galvanized metal works as well as solid braided rope to last season after season.  Our growing rope is a biodegradable natural material with a coarse surface that allows your bines to adhere themselves as they reach upward.  Before installing your trellis choose the optimum area of your yard, preferably where there is full sun exposure for long periods of time. Hops love the sun as well as rich and well-drained soil.  Both our kits can accommodate hop growth from 8 - 14 feet high and come with easy to follow directions and diagrams. 




After planting your rhizomes all you need to do is nurture them, pick them, and then brew your favorite beers with them.

Cheers !!




*** The Teepee trellis kit is designed to be attached to a permanent structure you already have, ie the side of your house, garage, or deck.  It can also be installed as a freestanding unit with a pole that is not included.


*** The Inline kit has three design options that can either be installed with your existing permanent structures or with poles that are available at your local home center or lumberyard. 



"Hop Hopster Hop Growing Kits"

Everything You Need to Build Your Own Trellis for Growing Hops at Home

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Teepee trellis design, one of two options included with installation directions.

Inline trellis design, one of three options included with installation directions.