Believing wholeheartedly in the Slow Food Movement and considering ourselves “locovores”, we are passionate about growing, buying, eating and drinking as much locally sourced and naturally grown food and beverage as possible while also throwing in fun traditions of gastronomy when preparing our own food and beverages.  Additionally we love to hang out communally and encourage our family and friends to do the same.


As avid home brewers, we found that there are limited naturally grown and local sources that we can use in our creative beer styles.  This, combined with our love of gardening, landscaping, and living in a non-congested natural environment, encouraged our starting a local San Diego, 365 labeled, sustainable hop farm where we grow our hops organically without the use of pesticides or chemicals.  We have also created a fun outdoor space where everyone who loves beer can learn, share, and play together.  We are proud to be a part of the current beer movement that encourages the production and drinking of healthful and naturally produced beer. 


Although small, we are taking a “boutique” path by growing different hop varieties, many of which have not been grown in San Diego yet.  Our hops will add some fun and great hand picking opportunities, especially when wet hopping is desired, for both home brewers and breweries. 


Recently we also noticed a desire by many of our beer loving friends to grow a small amount of their own hops, especially since hop plants are incredibly beautiful and are a wonderful addition to any garden.  As a result we have packaged two hop trellis building kits with all the hardware needed to grow five hop plants. 

We are also selling Cascade Rhizomes and Plants. We would like others to have as much fun as we are having as healthy hop bines twist their way into all our hearts and beer.



“We couldn’t be hoppier!”



Gary & Corie Johndro