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Golden Hop Farm s is located in North San Diego County and is the culmination of a family dream to encourage the making and drinking of healthy beer.  Gary and Corie Johndro aspire to live a healthy lifestyle, and encourage the craft beer culture to do the same. 

New in 2019 


We have sustainable & responsibly grown Cascade Hop Rhizomes and potted Cascade Hop plants for sale

Our farm has been featured on Channel 6 News in a "whats brewing" half hour special about the craft beer industry in San Diego as well as in the SD Reader, SD Edible Magazine, and the West Coaster.  Thank you to all our media friends!


Additionally Golden Hop Farm sells ready made hop trellis building kits for those with a green thumb who would like to try growing their own hop bines at home. 

Cheers !

Hop Harvesting

Picnic Area

" Rocky "
our Golden


the Golden




Hop cone from 2014 harvest

SD Golden Hop Farm hop cone, Certified Naturally Grown, at over 2 1/2". Hops for sale, hop rhizomes for sale, hop kits for sale.